You are unique!

My approach is all about you!  I am passionate about helping you restore your body’s balance and providing you with longer lasting pain relief.  I love anatomy and the human body and applying what I know to best release the tightness and tension in your body.

I bring my training and techniques to build body awareness so your muscles develop a new pattern of movement for better body biomechanics.  You walk out with improved posture, better movement and an overall feeling of wellness.

I help you achieve your health goals.  Therefore it’s important to me to spend time with you to discuss your individual requirements and preferred techniques.  This allows me to tailor your session to suit your individual needs.

I love working with my clients towards building an ongoing relationship of self care that you can incorporate into your everyday life doing your everyday things to help you achieve better health.  Don't worry though, if you only want an awesome therapeutic massage, I’ve got you covered.  But don’t just take my word for it, check out my reviews.

Your health and wellness are my main priorities.

May Yap

A body in balance

Why the hexagon in your logo? This is symbolic of a tensegrity model.  Tensegrity is an architectural principle designed to achieve stability from a balance of tensional forces between struts and cables.

How is my body similar to a tensegrity model? The struts are your bones, stabilising and supporting your body and helping to keep you upright against the downward force of gravity.  The cables (tensile elements) are your muscles, tendons and ligaments keeping tension between your bones giving your body integrity of shape and form.

What does this have to do with my body’s aches and pains? A tensegrity model deforms when you press down on it but it won’t break!  Instead it distributes that strain around the whole structure, like a tent when you tighten up the guy ropes.

So, if you have tightness and tension in one part of your body, this distributes throughout your whole body, builds up and is experienced as pain by you.  To ease this, we need to adopt a whole body approach to give you a body in balance

Tensegrity Model
Tensegrity Model