Standing up for good posture

Rolfing Sessions 1 to 3

The goal of Rolfing® Structural Integration is to bring your body back into balance with its relationship to gravity. The Rolfing system of postural and movement re-education, through therapeutic touch, brings you improved postural alignment and a greater ease of movement.

Imagine wearing a coat just half a size larger …

      … your breathing will be easier

      … your arms and legs will move more freely

      … you’ll feel a greater sense of openness in your lower back and lumbar region

How is this achieved?

We adopt a whole body approach to our sessions which include a Ten Series protocol to systematically address each part of your body:

Sessions 1-3 start with gently massaging the superficial fascia

Sessions 4-7 progress to the deeper fascia layers

Session 8 has a more structural focus

Session 9 has a more functional focus

Session 10 focusses on body alignment and balance   

I invite you to experience Rolfing Structural Integration and begin your journey through the first three sessions: Exploring your breath, being supported by your body and enjoying the feeling of better length, space and dimension.

Session 1 – ‘Free your breath’

For our 20,000 breaths a day, breathing should be effortless and satisfying!

For our 20,000 breaths a day, breathing should be effortless and satisfying!

More air (oxygen) intake for our body’s metabolic and catabolic functions brings a noticeable increase in energy levels and mental alertness. Rolfing helps reduce tension and tightness in the ribcage (upper and lower girdles) to create:

ribcage expansion     >    reduced tightness on heart and lungs   >    reduced pressure on thorax    >    increased air intake

Perhaps you’ll walk away feeling lighter, and with a smile at new possibilities.

Session 2 – Feet!

I think it’s amazing that something approximately 25cm (x2) or so, can carry our 70kg (give or take) bodies for our lifetime. Even though our feet are as far away from us as possible, and mostly forgotten about until we stub our toe, they connect us to the ground and carry our whole body.

The key to good foot health is adaptability.

The key to the foot’s ability to react to the many differing types of terrain and footwear we expect it to cope with is, adaptability.  Whilst having perfectly shaped feet is not essential, we do need healthy functional feet for good ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder and neck health.

Session 2 works on the fascial bindings of the 26 bones in your foot and ankle joint to improve this adaptability.  A reactive foot betters the way your foot both meets the ground and takes off when you walk.   A stronger and surer connection to the ground (as your foot can absorb and utilise the mechanical energy/forces generated from walking more efficiently), translates into a sense of increased stability for the body.

As you walk after this session, you may begin to sense that your weight is more evenly distributed to your legs and feet; this new found sense of support may even mean that your legs and knees don’t quite feel so tired and heavy and there is a lightness to each step you take.

Session 3 – Sides

Imagine a line down your sides from a side view, we look at easing any lines of strain.

Unless we do yoga, we may forget about our sides. 

Imagine a line down your side from a side view, we look at easing any lines of strain that may be pulling your back to the front or front to your back.

In this session, we work the sides of your legs, hips, torso and neck to improve the relationship between your front and back. This helps you experience more ‘volume’ and ‘dimension’, and, by being specific with the musculature and myofascial connective tissue, we can help reduce feelings of being squat and cramped in! 

Whilst some of this may be hard to imagine feeling, we always have a global perspective.  We analyse your movement whilst you move in gravity, then, guided by the strategy described above and being systematic in our interventions, we invite balance and alignment.  

Let’s being your journey!

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