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Standing up for good posture

01 Sep 2020

The goal of Rolfing® Structural Integration is to bring your body back into balance with its relationship to gravity. The Rolfing system of postural and movement re-education, through therapeutic touch, brings you improved postural alignment and a greater ease of movement. Imagine wearing a coat just half a size larger …       … your breathing…

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Forget Pandemic _ Think Pandiculate!

31 May 2020

I wanted to write a bit more about yawning to introduce a term I use when I work with my clients; pandiculation.  Before ending each session, this is one of my tips to them before they get up off my therapy table.  I invite them to have a deep, healing yawn and stretch. I learnt…

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MY Structural Integration

Can YOU s-t-r-e-t-c-h to a yawn?

17 May 2020

We may all be tempted in these days of working from home to enjoy a sneaky lie-in every morning.  Without doubt, the extra rest and relaxation is healing after the many years of hectic routine, alarms, rushing to get the family ready and then battling to get to work on public transport. I invite you…

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MY Structural Integration

Let loose those Covid-blues…let wild your inner moves!

06 May 2020

We recognise that the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and its effects has brought about much anxiety and fear.  Furthermore, government measures of self-isolation and social distancing have removed much of what we used to rely upon to regulate ourselves; close contact with our loved ones, friends and our daily routine.  Everyone reacts differently and…

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Had a bad fall and have a sore bottom?

23 Nov 2019

Like most of us, you’ve probably never given your sacrum a second thought. People only think about their sacrum if they’ve taken a bad fall on their bottom – say if you’ve gone ice skating or skiing or you live in a cold country and have slipped on some black ice on your walk home.…

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Meetup Movement Experientials on Pelvic Health

09 Nov 2019

We are now entering into the ‘core’ movement experiential series, which are based on the principles of sessions 4 to 7 of the Ten Series.  First, what do we mean by ‘core’? We are referring to the viscera, the organs in the primary cavities of your body, particularly your abdomen and it also includes the…

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