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Débora testimonial


When I came across Rolfing® I was looking for an alternative way to treat my back pains and to avoid surgery due to Discopathy and Scoliosis in the lumbar spine.  I was finishing physical therapy, but the pain was still present.

I did 10 Rolfing sessions and 5 movement sessions with the Rolfer May.  I must say it was an incredible experience for me.  After each session I could notice changes in my body.  I realised before Rolfing that I had no reference of what a body in balance should feel like.  It was a brand new discovery for me.  For such a long time, I had been accustomed to a body that was struggling to find it's center, compensating weight with muscles and spine that weren't suppose to function for that matter. 

The key point, for me, was how I distributed the weight in my body when I stood up, walked and when I sat down.  By learning these movements together with the fascia release, my body felt more alive and centered.  I felt relaxed after each session, I was definitely more conscious of my whole body and I started to notice the wrong patterns of posture and movements throughout the process. 

Today I haven't felt any chronic pain, my walk has more flow, my head feels higher, my feet are always looking for support from the ground and my shoulders are even.  I still have the same medical diagnosis, but it doesn't feel like it! 

I highly recommend this treatment for anyone looking to improve their body, mind and health.  May was amazing, she was constantly guiding me, giving me tips, assisting me in every single way.  I'm really grateful to her.

Paul C testimonial

Paul C

What were my issues: I was struggling with constant muscle tightness in my ankles, calves, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders.  I had a major bike accident in Feb 2018 with a number of major injuries to my neck, back, knees and ankles.  I had a period of extensive physiotherapy consisting of 2 sessions a week for nearly 12 months.  Following this period, I found myself feeling about 90% of what I was prior to the accident. 

Being physically active with interests in cycling and running,  I was finding myself with extensive muscle tightness, which I never had to this extent, prior to the accident.  I found this very frustrating and it was affecting my training.  I was picking up constant niggles, if I tried training through the periods of excessive muscle tightness. 

Through word of mouth, I was suggested to May.  Rolfing was something I had never heard of, but I was interested in trying something different and if I gained any improvement out of it, it would be a bonus.

What were you hoping for:  To reduce the symptoms above, better body awareness and range of motion.

What’s been the most interesting thing you've learnt/experienced: Awareness of muscles I didn’t know I had. An understanding of muscles that were working when they should not be working for a particular movement, which was resulting in these muscles getting tight, as they were being overused when not required to be working.

How do you feel after the sessions: Each session was different. I felt great after the sessions and, in particular, those on my back and shoulders. I could really notice a greatly improved range of motion straight away.

What’s been the impact on your life: My muscle tightness has improved, but gaining awareness of the other movements previously not used and putting  these to work along with relaxing, and not using muscles when they don’t need to be used for particular movements, was a big take away and continuing to use and be aware of this.

What would you tell people about this: For me, thinking from a sporting perspective and struggling with tightness, I hit the plateau with physio and I was not getting any further. Give this a go,  as it might be what you are looking for to resolve your issue. 



I’m a 27 year old with a keen interest in my health and well-being so when I saw Rolfing Structural Integration, ‘Rolfing’ online I thought it was something I would love to try.

I contacted May and asked how many sessions she would recommend to feel the benefits, she was so informative and helpful and answered any questions I had with ease.  Following that, I decided to book a block of 4 sessions over the course of a few months.  Before our appointment I filled out a few bits of paperwork May had provided, which took around 5 minutes.

I’ve always worked in an office and suffer from some RSI in the top of my right shoulder so this is an area I was hoping to work on and I also wanted to improve my posture in general and be more self aware.

I can positively say after a few sessions I felt a noticeable improvement in both of those areas, more and more so after each session. The sessions and information provided have helped me learn so much, which I can now remember and utilise in day to day life, I feel so much more aware of myself.

Each session so was well thought out and explained in such detail.  May always made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

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I requested the 'Rolfing' treatment from May because the idea of gradually re- aligning my body through her therapy  made sense to me. I have lived a very active life since childhood. Rugby, boxing, track and field and surfing in my younger years. 

Now, lawn bowls and surfing as I turn 64 in February. The rigours have taken their toll on my body which has led me to regular deep tissue massage from various practitioners. The massage has always been beneficial but temporary.
May's therapy is undoubtedly more effective in the long term because there is a gradual process  involved whereby the muscles and joints in my body are being settled into the best possible shape considering my age and past experiences such as an abdominal hernia, meniscal tear in the knee. The list goes on.
The most interesting thing I have learned from May so far is the importance of my 'posture'. I thought it was good but no, it was poor. Now it is very good because I carry the lessons learned from the therapy into my daily life. The one thing I really love as an 'oldie' is my lawn bowls at which I am a champion. May's therapy has enabled me to reach a higher level of skill where being balanced and centred whilst on the bowling green is paramount.
Overall I believe I have found a long term, affordable process with May where  I hope to reap the benefits of a steady relaxed breathing style, combined with the strength and flexibility  that comes with the hands on therapy.
I tell the people I meet how effective and complete this 'Rolfing' style of massage has been for me. Having taken massage for over 45 years on a regular basis, this is the best by far.