Why is good posture important?

Posture is the potential for action.

Each of our actions are initiated by an unconscious Anticipatory Postural Activity (APA), pre-movement.  This pre-movement provides the framework for action and co-ordination. It is the starting point from which we move. 

APA is a function of our perception of where we are in space and in relation to gravity, this perception affects and is directly affected by our co-ordination.  It is a bio-feedback loop of our senses, our body and our mind. 

We refer to lesions and inhibitions when we look movement.  Lesion is a structural cause for the movement restriction. Inhibitions are not restrictions in tissues, but rather holdings or attitudes in our pre-movement.   This is linked to your perception. If your body/mind does not have the correct information, your movement is affected.  

We try to help you by first addressing your perception.  How?

  • Opening the possibility to perceive a bodily sensation.  
  • We then work together to develop a vocabulary for the sensation.  

We begin first with curiosity, just allowing ourselves to feel.  This is because our inhibitions arise from our body image, our experience of the world, our history and beliefs.  Inhibitions arise from how we perceive the world, it is emotional. In some part, when we address, release our pre-movement, APA, we do so at a psychological level. 

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